If you’re looking to improve just about every aspect of your cannabis cultivation, from your workflows to your final yields, it’s time to invest in a high-quality racking system that’s designed to meet your unique growing needs.

Choosing the Right Rack for Your Facility

Naturally, tents and other home growing equipment just doesn’t give commercial growers the efficiency and consistency they require. But how do you know which racks are best for a large-scale operation? Here are some of the most common types to know.


Stationary racks are, essentially, shelving used for cultivation purposes. Because they can’t be moved easily, you’ll need to create multiple aislways so your team can access your plants properly. However, while they tend to take up a lot of valuable growing space, they are generally the cheapest racking option.


Mobile racks help cultivators maximize a grow facility’s square footage thanks to their track system. By simply turning the crank attached to one of the racks, you’re able to open up mobile aisles where you need them, when you need them.


Vertical systems are made of multiple racking layers stacked on top of each other, and they’re available in both stationary and mobile form. Depending on your growing needs, these racks can stretch to three, four, or more levels and, when they’re also mobile, allow cultivators to truly maximize their grow space.


Commercial cultivators generally opt for vertical metal hanging racks to maximize space while optimizing airflow, but pull out trays are another common style of cannabis drying rack.

Rack Specifications: What to Look Out For


Grow facilities are generally warm and humid, which means protection against rust is a must. Powder coating forms a anti-microbial, rust-resistant, and UV-stable layer over the rack’s metal that is typically more durable than standard liquid coating.


Airflow is absolutely critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment for your plants, but most racking systems aren’t built with air circulation in mind. When sourcing high-quality racks for your facility, look out for designs that are robust and sturdy but have a low profile to allow for maximum air circulation.


Steel is the ideal material for cannabis racks as it’s strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. However, just because a system is steel, doesn’t mean it’ll always be able to safely support the weight of your plants. For utmost strength and security, which are absolutely critical when growing on multiple tiers, opt for a thicker frame to ensure your system will keep your plants safe (and last you for years).


The best racking systems don’t just hold your plants. They’re designed to make your life easier, which means they should include features that easily accommodate your plumbing and lighting needs. Can the racks support various types of lighting systems? Or will it limit your options? How do the racks facilitate drainage?

Level Up Your Equipment to Elevate Your Business

Running a commercial cannabis operation is a difficult and expensive undertaking, which means you can’t afford to cut any corners when it comes to your equipment. High-quality racks may require more spending upfront, but their ability to help you streamline your workflows, cut down on labor cost, and scale up your production will boost your long-term ROI.

If you’re ready to get started improving your cultivation with the best mobile and vertical grow racks, we’re here to help with our industry-leading solutions and grower-first attitude. Reach out today to learn more about how you can take your cultivation to the next level with Grow Glide.