Cultivators Are Raving About

Their Grow Glide Commercial Grow Op Setup

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What Darin and Grow Glide have done is they have developed a product that really hit all of the marks on the racking side. They’ve really paid attention to space.

I design at least one cultivation facility a week, and one of the biggest challenges is that it comes down to inches. Every inch counts, whether that be the size of the rack or the airflow system, to how you hang the lights and deal with drainage. Darin and his team have done a remarkable job of pulling all that together. With other products, you lose some of those precious cubic issues.

The integrated drain trays and gutters are fantastic. Other providers have just left this to the cultivator to figure out, but Darin and his team have just nailed it.

The rack is the backbone of an efficient growth facility. This cubicly multi-tiered product is key. As you look at the cost of production and look at things cubicly, you’re able to take a single layer deployment to two or three layers, that’s two or three times the product, which significantly brings down your cost. These guys really get it. I fully back their product.

Dave Spillman, BOOST Consulting & Design

What makes Grow Glide stand out is that Darin is always trying to improve and give the grower an edge.

Darin’s definitely pushing it to the limit to make the best system possible.

Jason McKnight, Arg California

We see Grow Glide as a very progressive company and as leaders. Of all the other rack companies that are out there, none of them are providing a platform system for the grower to have less labor and more efficient workflow, which equals a happy culture, and it means you have more time to spend with the plant, and the system is OSHA-approved.

Other competitors out there have basically altered racks that were designed for other industries. Grow Glide is purpose built from the ground up for cannabis. There was nothing copied. Purpose-built is the key, and that’s what Grow Glide has. They are producing purpose-built racking systems and continuing to develop purpose-built ideas to support the workflow of the cannabis operation, and they deeply care about the success of their clients. They are there with support tools and customer service to make it easy for them. They’re all about a great experience for their customer.

Mathew Johnson, Cultivation Efficiency Systems

Grow Glide is a racking company built by growers. Grow Glide definitely thought out the needs to facilitate drainage and light installation.

Air circulation and microclimate are a challenge in multiple-tiered rack rooms, and the fact that Grow Glide has no bulky horizontal connecting carriages and just the right amount of steel connecting uprights makes it easy for air to flow through the bottom of tiers and throughout.

The modular design on their racks is ahead of its time. Growers that can’t afford to double tier today will be able to expand at a later time using the current purchased racks and not have to spend money on all new equipment. The fact that they dip and not spray their metal will ensure a long lasting product in a tough wet environment. Last but not least, the branding throughout the racks speaks of how proud these guys are of their product.”

Alex Villegas, @miamimango2.0

We live or die by our equipment. The results are everything.

With Grow Glide we can’t lose. I would recommend it to anybody who can get their hands on it. It’s just such a wonderful resource to have because of how intuitive and efficient it is.

Jack Jackson, Seabright Cultivation