How can I increase my yields for less money and less effort? As a grower in today’s rapidly growing industry, this is probably one of your biggest questions. And the answer is simpler than you may think.

We break down some of the biggest obstacles cannabis cultivators face when it comes to elevating their production (and simple ways you can overcome them).

What’s Hindering Your Yields? Top Problems Growers Face.


Humidity issues are arguably the biggest killer of cannabis yields. Too much water in the air, and your plants will continue to absorb it until your buds rot. Too little, and your plants will be forced to draw moisture strictly from the soil, which can lead to “nutrient burn.” In any case, incorrect humidity (and temperature) levels can seriously stunt the healthy development of your crop.


Cultivators everywhere are focused on boosting their yields, but too often, they sacrifice efficient workflows in the process. If a facility is designed strictly for maximizing yields without keeping employees in mind, growers can’t do their job efficiently and may quickly experience increased injury, stress, and burnout. The result? Unhappy employees—and plants.


One of the benefits of indoor farming is that there’s no need for pesticides. However, without a highly-controlled environment, you’ll find themselves dealing with diseases and pests that can quickly ruin your crop.

Maximize Your Growing Potential With These Tips


Canopy area is perhaps the biggest determinant of your yields, so to get more canopy in the same amount of space, cultivators everywhere are making the switch to mobile vertical cultivation racks. Mobile systems make the most out of valuable floor space by removing the need for multiple stationary aislways. When you take those mobile racks vertical, you take advantage of the grow room’s entire volume, too.

While going multi-tier is one of the easiest ways to significantly increase your output, we know it can feel intimidating for growers that are new to vertical cultivation. That’s why we created our 3D Product Tour and Room Generator technology. Start touring our system and building your own setup for a demystified look at what it means to go vertical.


Just as humidity can quickly kill your cannabis plants, it can also help them thrive. To control overall grow room conditions and eliminate the microclimates that often appear in multi-tier grow operations, you need a powerful air circulation system that can deliver consistent airflow across the entire lengths of your racks.


Messy, overcrowded canopies lead to inferior plant growth and, as a result, lower yields. Using the screen of green (SCROG) method, a form of plant training that involves weaving plants through square netting, you encourage a more even canopy, better grow light penetration, and a more productive grow operation.


The harder it is to tend to your plants, the poorer your plant care will be. When selecting grow racks, look for cannabis-specific systems. Unlike generic racking, systems that are purpose-built for growing cannabis will come with the design details that support your workflows and simplify your plant care, such as comfortable table widths and durable, easy-to-clean materials.

Get Higher Yields With Equipment Made for Growers

From our catwalk and airflow systems to our premium racks, our growing solutions are designed with the details that make a real difference for cultivators. Connect with us today to learn more about how we help you increase your yield limits and take your operation to the next level.