At Grow Glide, we believe in the power of innovation and bringing great minds together to develop solutions that serve the cannabis cultivation community. We’re excited about our collaboration with DriFlower the leader in HangHarvesting systems

DriFlower’s HangHarvesting Solutions are the ultimate horticultural drying systems, designed to scale with your needs.

Combine DriFlower hangers and hardware with Grow Glide Racks and Air Glide to Maximize your curing solution in ONE TURNKEY SYSTEM.

Your dry space is about to get a major upgrade. Our Grow Glide + DriFlower solution will help you get more product into your dry space while cutting labor costs.

You already know.


Achieving optimal airflow in curing is a challenge and one of the most important considerations when you want the whole crop to dry at a predictable rate every time. AirGlide+GG+Driflower provides best-in-class air circulation, homogenizing flower temp, removing moisture, preventing bud rot, and providing consistent results.

With the GG+DriFlower solution you can fill the most weight per cubic foot while simultaneously providing the perfect environment for an even cure for product on the bottom, middle, or top tier. The hanger-racking combo creates the appropriate interstitial space for air to flow freely and eliminates the risk of the top of the room drying faster than the bottom.

This solution also allows for the professional application of mechanical solutions like HVACD to efficiently deliver conditioned air to every bud that is hanging and cycle the air in the room at a fast rate to prevent anaerobic dead spaces that lead to inconsistencies and product loss.


Step 1: Cut your crops and stuff your weed hangers

HangHarvesting begins in the field, or greenhouse, or wherever you grow.Cut and Hang your branches on the hangers, rest assured that the hanger will not tip or bend.  The raised ridges and solid construction of each hanger secures your flower in place.This is the last time you will touch your flowers until they’re dry.

Each hanger holds 10lbs of cut-down plants, or 20lbs of full-size plants.

Step 2: Organize Your Cannabis Hangers

Transport and easily organize your hangers by using the integrated handle, by carrying a full stick of pro-hangers, or by loading sticks into a Pro Pod to be trucked to the drying location. No matter how you move it, our hangers and kits have been designed to optimize consistent airflow while being easy to monitor throughout the transportation and drying processes. Access the second tier with GrowDecks for safe and easy access. So Simple.

(watch the video below to see it in action!)

Step 3: Empty Your Hangers – FAST!

Once your harvest is dry, get ready to empty your hangers faster than ever before! Save time and money without getting tangled up in nets. Game changer.

Blow away the competition