Indoor cannabis cultivation has taken the industry by storm, and for good reason. From custom environmental controls to faster propagation-to-harvest times, the benefits of setting up an indoor grow operation are clear.

But, like most things, indoor cultivation comes with challenges, too. Achieving optimal environmental conditions, purchasing and maintaining indoor growing equipment, and ensuring a smooth-running operation are just some of the challenges indoor growers face.

To make your growing process easier, we’re revealing some of the top tips expert cultivators follow to boost their yields, efficiency, and cannabis quality.

Elevate Your Indoor Grow Operation With These Tips

Know your genetics

Even the best cultivators can’t grow top-shelf cannabis from low-quality genetics. Whether you start from seedlings or cloning, take the time to understand where your genetics are coming from and do a small test run on so you know you’re working with high-quality cultivars.

Maintain the right humidity levels

Depending on the stage of growth, plants thrive under specific temperature and humidity levels, which means one of the biggest factors that can elevate (or ruin) the quality of your cannabis is a grow room’s environment. With an efficient air ventilation system, growers can maintain control over the ambient conditions needed for seedling or cloning all the way through final flowering stages.

Use the right light spectrum at the right time

Just like they require different humidity levels, plants also flourish under different light wavelengths throughout the growth cycle. Unlike HID lighting, LED systems are capable of producing full-spectrum light, meaning cultivators can mix and match their LEDs to create lighting conditions perfectly suited to each stage of growth.

Gently stress your plants

One of the main goals of any commercial cannabis grower is to produce consistent, high-quality product, so many growers stress-train their plants with the Screen of Green method (better known as SCROG). Cultivators place a wire screen around the sides and top of their plants in order to inhibit vertical growth and encourage plants to grow horizontally, creating a more clean and even canopy and maximizing their grow space.

Have multiple grow spaces

To boost your yields, you don’t want breaks between harvests, which is why many commercial cannabis growers equip more than one grow space. As one room is harvested, the others continue growing, ensuring consistent output. Plus, dividing up your grow spaces also gives you better control over the specific environmental factors cannabis requires as it grows.

Make workflow a priority

When you’re growing at a large-scale, the cost of operational inefficiencies can add up quickly. Growers need to be thinking about how they can improve their workflows across all growing processes, from germination to harvesting and processing. This usually involves investing in the right equipment. Whether it’s your irrigation system or work platforms, choosing tools that are high-qualtiy and tailored to cannabis cultivation can save you from the price and liability risks that come with inefficient workflows.

Leverage empirical evidence

At the end of the day, cannabis cultivation is a science, and it should be treated that way if you want your grow operation to be successful. What does that mean in practice? Rather than making random, undocumented adjustments to different growing methods, growers should take an empirical approach to improving their cultivation. In other words, any changes to your growing process should be made gradually and based on observation, measurement, and experimentation.

A Great Indoor Grow Op Needs the Best Equipment

The final secret to successfully growing cannabis indoors? Using industry-leading solutions built with a cultivator-first attitude. Discover more about how we take your grow operation to the next level. Connect with us today.