As a grower, you’re looking for growing equipment that will make your operations more efficient and productive, but how do you know which system is the best for your cultivation needs? From traditional growing benches to vertical carousel systems, there’s a wide range of options available today, but not all of them are going to give you the operational support and ROI you want.

That’s why more and more indoor farmers are choosing mobile vertical shelves for their cultivation.

Why Are Mobile Vertical Shelves the Best?


Arguably the biggest benefit of a vertical mobile racking system is that growers can maximize their canopy. Stationary, single-tier shelves require multiple aisleways that eat up valuable square footage, and these systems fail to take advantage of your grow room’s vertical space. Mobile vertical shelves, on the other hand, make the most of a room’s volume while allowing easy access to your plants where, and when, it’s needed. The right mobile shelving system can help you gain up to 20% more canopy over traditional single-tier systems.


High-quality shelves not only maximize your space but also optimize your growing conditions. Cultivators with single-tier shelves may be tempted to cram their plants together for the sake of increasing their yields, but overcrowding means plants need to complete for vital resources, which can lead to stunted growth. With adequate space between each tier, a vertical system facilitates the even distribution of light and airflow and allows you to boost your production without compromising on quality.

Choosing Vertical Shelves for Your Cultivation: What to Keep in Mind

Mobile vertical racks are the answer to elevating your indoor farming operation, but choosing the right system requires careful planning. To facilitate the process, we’ve compiled some of the top factors to keep in mind during your search.


The last thing you want is rust or rot from your racks messing with your carefully controlled ambient conditions. Most cultivators opt for steel metal that has also been powder coated for maximum protection against moisture.


You know which lighting and plumbing methods are best for your crop, and you want a racking system that will be able to accommodate them. Does the racking system support drip irrigation, ebb and flow, or both? What types of grow lights can be mounted on your racks?


When it comes time to scale, you want to be able to build upon your existing system, not invest in a whole new one. A modular design will give you the flexibility to easily expand your equipment as your business grows.


Be wary of extremely cheap racking options. High-quality mobile vertical shelves save you money in the long run, but they typically require hefty upfront costs.

Elevate Your Cultivation With Shelves Made by Growers, for Growers

As a company founded by cultivators, we understand that generic storage systems aren’t designed to meet your cultivation needs. That’s why we set out to create purpose-built solutions that truly support your growing practices and boost your ROI. To see the full value of going vertical with Grow Glide, start building your own custom setup or contact us today.