Hobbyist growers aren’t the only ones who need to work with small grow areas. If you’re a commercial cultivator determined to maximize all available space, your facility design might include some smaller grow rooms. But a smaller space doesn’t mean smaller yields. Here’s how you can achieve large outputs with a small cannabis grow room design even when you don’t have a large grow room.

Small-Room Challenges

One of the biggest obstacles is one of the most obvious: space. Unlike large grow rooms, small rooms don’t give you spacial freedom to experiment with horizontal racking layouts while ensuring ease of use and compliance with any legal requirements.

Small grow spaces for also bring their own unique environmental factors. Ambient conditions are already highly sensitive in larger grow rooms, and they become even more unstable in tighter areas. Even the smallest changes in temperature or humidity could have a massive effect on a plant’s health.

…And How to Overcome Them

Take advantage of vertical space

When you have little horizontal grow space, the only way to grow is up. Cannabis-specific vertical racking systems give cultivators the opportunity to maximize the square footage of their smallest grow spaces without compromising on the cultivation best practices that lead to high-quality product, such as keeping plant density low.

Get your lighting right

Selecting the best lighting system is critical for growing areas of all sizes, but you’ll need to be extra thoughtful if you’re trying to achieve big yields in small spaces (which heat up much faster than large grow rooms). Any light could burn your plants if they’re placed too close to the canopy, but LED systems are generally the best choice because they give off minimal excess heat.

Use lattice netting

Every square inch matters in a small grow room setup, so many small-scale growers (and large-scale, for that matter) add lattice netting or trellis’ to their canopy. As the plants grow, they can be fastened onto the netting to keep the plants uniform, prevent overcrowding, allow better light penetration, and encourage growth on lower branches.

Don’t forget the airflow

Temperature and humidity levels can quickly become a problem when growing cannabis in confined spaces. Excess water easily accumulates in the air, so growers with small indoor grow rooms need to invest in an efficient airflow system that consistently delivers fresh air and keeps temperatures down.

Don’t cut corners

It’s easy to think that the most state-of-the-art equipment should be reserved for massive grow rooms, but to truly maximize your yields, every space needs high-quality growing tools that are built to work and built to last.

Go for Big Yields With Purpose-Built Growing Solutions

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