Grow Glide is thrilled to announce Jesse Porter has joined the team as Director of Solutions and Cultivation Research. With 18 years experience in the cannabis industry, Jesse has earned a reputation as a cultivation expert and leader.

Previous to Grow Glide, Jesse assisted hundreds of licensed commercial cannabis production facilities globally to make objective and informed decisions regarding facility design, room utilization, optimizing airflow, driving production efficiencies and cultivating the best cannabis on the planet.

Jesse began his career in cannabis after his mother received a cancer diagnosis while he was in college. He started working with Richard Lee in Oakland at multiple facilities, developing a reputation for dependability, professionalism and savviness. He quickly rose to a management position. Unsatisfied with the lack of access to quality knowledge, Jesse then
helped develop Oaksterdam University – writing syllabi, teaching classes, training professors, and promoting the school.

After teaching, managing dispensaries, overseeing cultivation facilities and developing a familiarity with every occupation within the growing cannabis industry, Jesse opened his own 7000 square foot cannabis garden supply store in Oakland, California. His shop has won Best of the East Bay in just a few years time, and was the highest rated and most reviewed shop of its kind in California.

We’re thrilled to welcome Jesse to the Grow Glide community and even more ecstatic for our partner growers to be able to lean on Jesse and his team for expertise in the multi-tier world!

Welcome, Jesse!