Building a successful commercial cannabis grow op is no easy feat. Any mistake or inaccuracy could have devastating consequences for a grower’s plants, and their business.

Whether you’re planning your operation, outfitting your current setup, or a consultant for commercial growers, here’s what you need to know about the most common growing mistakes—and how to avoid them.

Poor documentation

World-class cultivators pay attention to every strain and every plant, always adjusting the growing environment or processes to ensure their cannabis crop thrives. By documenting any adjustments, they build up a collection of data that can be used for the ongoing improvement of their practices and product. Without thorough documentation, they risk losing business to cultivators more focused on optimizing their cultivation.

Detailed records aren’t just critical to performance improvements, they’re necessary for meeting legal requirements. Laws vary by state, but no matter where a cannabis grow facility is located, growers that fail to keep a detailed record of all operations may see serious consequences.

Inefficient facility design

It’s no secret that growing cannabis on a commercial scale is expensive and labor intensive. Still, whether outfitting an existing facility or building from the ground up, growers sometimes fail to design their facility with workflow in mind. As a result, they end up working around costly inefficiencies.

To gain a full understanding of their operational needs and what it takes to meet them, cultivators should work with an experienced design planner that can answer key questions like: How can we minimize the labor involved in our workflows? Where can we introduce automation? How would our design facilitate future expansions?

A big component of an efficient commercial grow room setup is the right equipment. When planning out their space, growers should look for tools and technologies that will support your workflows. Ideally, they’re selecting products, like Grow Glide’s, that are built specifically for the cannabis industry and can be adapted to fit each growers unique needs and growing styles.

Cut corners

Understandably, commercial growers are eager to scale their grow operation, but that often means they choose the equipment and technology that can be implemented fastest. What they may not realize is that hasty decisions could end up costing them more time, money, and effort in the long run.

From their security system to their racking and ventilation, growers should take advantage of the cutting-edge solutions available today. Upfront costs might be higher, but reliable, high-quality tools help growers keep up with a fast-growing industry and ensure they aren’t put out of business by unsustainable operating and maintenance expenses.

Lack of supplier relationships

Equipment companies looking to take advantage of the cannabis industry’s explosive growth continue to pop up everywhere, and not all of them have the cannabis expertise commercial growers need. To avoid ending up with low-quality, inconsistent products, growers need to do their due diligence when it comes to selecting suppliers. This might involve asking for references, making factory visits, and checking for quality assurance certificates.

Avoid commercial growing pitfalls when you choose Grow Glide

As a company founded by growers, we understand what it takes to build a successful commercial grow operation—and the pitfalls growers run into along the way. That’s why we built cannabis-specific growing solutions. From our premium grow racks to our workflow and airflow systems, our products are built with the details that help cultivators elevate their cultivation and boost their ROI. Reach out today to learn more about why every commercial grow operation needs Grow Glide.