Ready to join cultivators across the globe in switching to mobile vertical growing systems? Don’t miss our top tips on how to approach outfitting your current facility with all-new racks.

Why Incorporate Mobile Vertical Racks?

Better growing conditions

In an effort to boost their yields, cultivators operating with single-level racks will often resort to extremely high plant density, but overcrowding can quickly lead to disease and stunted growth. A mobile vertical setup gives your plants the room they need to breathe and best absorb light without compromising your yields.

Increased yields

A mobile vertical setup improves your plant care and growing environment, both of which lead to better yields, but the sheer amount of canopy area you can gain from growing with mobile vertical farming racks is going to make an even bigger difference. In addition to making the most of your square footage, you’re able to take advantage of a room’s volume. As a result, you can very easily double or triple your yields.

Higher ROI

A vertical grow system may have large upfront costs, but over time, growers see savings across just about every aspect of their operation, including traditionally high energy and labor costs. This, combined with the ability to maximize your growing capacity, makes switching to a vertical racking system a sure-fire way to boost your ROI.

Adding a New Indoor Grow System to a Not-So-New Facility? Follow These Tips.

Consider your existing growing process & equipment

Indoor cannabis farming requires a highly-controlled environment. And this means that every aspect of your facility, from your air circulation system to your growing medium, has been designed with climate, workflow, hygiene, and quality control in mind. How will new racks impact your current growing processes? How well will your current equipment integrate with a new racking system?

Look for modular systems

A modular growing system can be scaled up and down as needed—ideal for cultivators looking to outfit an existing facility. Rather than having to adapt your existing equipment and processes to a fixed system, modular parts give you the freedom to experience the full value of going vertical without needing to totally overhaul your grow operation.

Work with a reputable manufacturer

The racking manufacturer you select will likely handle the install, but you want them to be there throughout every step of the process. Ideally, they’re able to work with you to plan your precise layout according to your needs and the current state of your grow facility. Post-install, they should be able to provide ongoing support to ensure your mobile vertical grow rack system is always meeting your needs.

Grow Glide: Your Partner for Grower-First Cultivation Solutions

Whether you’re upgrading your current facility or building one from the group up, we’re here to deliver the growing solutions you need. Always built according to your unique requirements, our racking, airflow, and catwalk systems help you make the most out of your new vertical setup. Reach out today to learn more, or check out our Room Generator technology to start planning your buildout.