Grow racks are an essential component to indoor cannabis cultivation, but if you’re using a stationary, single-level rack system, you likely won’t see any transformations in terms of both product quality and yields. Instead, you need vertical and mobile racks to maximize your growth.

How to get the most out of a grow rack.


As your grow operation expands, building up instead of out allows you to take better advantage of the square footage of your current grow space. Rather than going out in search of new a new grow facility, stacking tiers of plants gives you greater yields without the costs of expanding into a new facility or grow room.

The space-saving benefits of a vertical farming system are clear, but growing vertical also gives you complete control over the environmental factors that impact not just plant quality itself, but the consistency of that quality as well.


If you have stationary grow racks, you’ll need to create an aisle between each one (if you plan on accessing all of your plants), which means you’ll end up with a ton of wasted space. With mobile grow racks, you eliminate the need for multiple static aisles. Instead, you get the ability to open up and close a mobile aisle according to your workflow, creating more opportunities for additional racks and, in turn, greater yields. Mobile racks like Grow Glide’s often see a gain of 15-20% over traditional fixed or rolltop benches.


A key factor in seeing greater ROI and improved plant quality is getting a racking system that is built to your exact needs. Every grow space is different, so a one-size-fits-all system, even if it’s vertical and mobile, will likely leave you with wasted space and an inefficient workflow.

Plus, as your cultivation scales, you may need to completely shift to a new system to accomodate your growing needs. With a modular system like Grow Glide’s, the mobile vertical grow racks can grow and shift as your business does. In other words, you get a system that always fits your way of working, so you can do what you do best—grow high-quality cannabis.

How to Level Up Your Vertical Growing System

Maximize the ROI of your racking system when you follow these tips.


To get the most out of your grow space, you need a solid design plan. At Grow Glide, we’ll work with you to assess your facility and determine the configuration that maximizes the capacity of your unique grow room.


Every aspect of your racking system should be fit to your needs—your ventilation system included. With a modular system like the AirGlide, your cultivation always gets the airflow it requires, no matter how far up you scale.


There’s no point in a vertical racking system if you can’t efficiently care for the plants on your upper tiers. To experience the full financial and operational value of your racks, you need a robust catwalk system that is easy to set up, durable and, most importantly, secure.

Ready to Make the Switch to Vertical, Mobile Cultivation?

If you want to learn more about the value that vertical mobile racks can bring to your specific business, create your own custom buildout using our online Room Generator or connect with us today.