On top of improving product quality, you likely have one other major goal as a cultivator: increasing your yields. To do that, you need to be utilizing these growing accessories.

Indoor Grow Room Essentials


We know—racks aren’t exactly an accessory, but depending on the types of racks you choose, you’ll see a big difference in your yields. Stationary racks eat up a lot of precious space in your grow room, considering you’ll need sufficient work space between each row. With Grow Glide’s mobile racks, you maximize the square footage of every grow room, only opening up a single aisle where you need it, when you need it.

To further expand your canopy and boost your yields, opt for racks that aren’t just mobile but vertical, too. Mobile racks fill your square footage while vertical racks fill the volume of your space, letting you expand your cultivation without having to continuously move into all-new facilities.


Mold, pests, and even burnt plants: There are many ways poor ventilation can hurt both your plant quality and yield. Luckily, our innovative airflow system, AirGlide, helps growers avoid these cultivation-killers. Designed with rounded, antimicrobial ducts, the AirGlide has an exit velocity of 45-70 feet per minute (FPM) at end of a 66 foot run (taken at 36” below duct), so your plants get the airflow they need to not just survive, but thrive.


If you’ve decided to take advantage of the yield-boosting benefits of vertical cultivation, you need a way to work on your upper tiers safely and efficiently. Grow Decks, Grow Glide’s own work deck system, lets you do just that. Whether you opt for a single deck or want two side-by-side for added space, the decks quickly and securely bolt into our racking system, so you can more effectively tend to your plants with the piece of mind you aren’t going anywhere.

You won’t just need a system for safely tending to plants on your upper levels. You’ll need a secure way of getting up there, too. To ensure cultivators stay secure from the ground to their highest tier and back again, we’ve designed ladders that lock onto each deck and rest at a safe 80-degree pitch.


Naturally, you can’t grow plants indoors without lights. However, you don’t want just any lights. In order to best replicate the outdoor conditions that help keep cannabis plants happy and healthy, you need a lighting system that can produce specific wavelengths. More and more commercial cannabis growers are opting for LED lighting systems, which give them more control over the precise wavelength the plants receive at each stage of the growth cycle.

Other Accessories


Placed over the cannabis plants either horizontally or vertically (or both), lattice nets help cultivators achieve even more plant growth. The idea is that as the plants grow upwards, the gaps in the trellis will keep them supported and from moving out of place, which, in turn, creates space for additional plants.


While not used on the plants themselves, protective gear plays a critical role in maintaining a controlled environment and ensuring the production of high-quality cannabis. At the least, anyone working on your plants should be wearing gloves and eye protection. Depending on the chemicals used and the work being done on the plant, you may need additional safety gear, such as shoe covers and hairnets.

In addition to providing employees with any necessary protection, safety gear protects your plants from contaminants that could potentially kill your yields.

Elevate Your Yields With Purpose-Built Cultivation Products

Designed to address specific pain points found in other products on the market, our solutions are the cannabis-specific growing solutions you need to increase your yields while staying rooted in your craft. Contact us today to learn more about how Grow Glide products can elevate your cultivation.