RIVERSIDE, Calif., Jan. 16, 2023 (PRNewswire)  – Grow Glide, the industry leader in vertical, mobile cannabis cultivation solutions, announced the launch of Glide Operating system – software designed to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase revenues in vertical farming operations.

GOS (Glide Operating System) was immediately adopted by two successful cannabis operations 48 Farms and Alternative Solutions. The platform tracks and measures cultivation employee tasks, strain success, profitability and unique KPIs. Additionally, Grow Glide plans on releasing a significant update to the software in Q2, a Facilities Management add-on. This upgrade will give investors, operators and employees vivid 3D visualizations of data and easy-to-digest recommendations to both mobile and desktop users.

Grow Glide CEO, Travis Schwartz, remarked, “Decreasing costs and increasing revenue in cannabis is not always a straight line. Operators have had limited tools at their disposal to meaningfully track data and make crucial decisions that will become increasingly important in 2023 as the market corrects. GOS will give the best operators the opportunity for long term success based on data and insights that only this platform can provide.”

Grow Glide President Darin Siples added, “When I was growing, I knew it was rough tracking numbers on white boards. Those days are long gone. GOS blew me away from the get-go because I knew it was a revolutionary way to increase profits. From strain management, to employee tracking to cost per pound calculations, GOS is the future of cultivation.”

To view the Glide Operating System in action or request a demo of the upcoming Facilities management tool, visit GrowGlide.com

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Grow Glide was founded in California to accomplish one mission: to find solutions that fit the needs of cultivators affordably and seamlessly. We didn’t simply study a market, we lived it. And when we couldn’t find a solution we needed, we went out and created it, utilizing a decade of growing knowledge and spending years in research and development. Grow Glide was built by growers, for growers.

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