New, Lighter-Weight, Less Expensive Racking

Provides a more economical solution for farmers who are only cultivating using 1 or 2 tiers and do not require overbuilt structural aspects of the standard Glow Glide Racking System. Although still “overbuilt” by our competitor’s standards, this is the perfect option for farmers with low ceilings in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) as well as a solid solution for greenhouse farmers.

Cultivators asked for a lighter-weight (and less expensive) option for greenhouse and other single-tier applications … and we delivered!

Based on a similar platform with the same overbuilt approach used in our standard racking, the EGS can even accommodate some double-tier applications up to 8 feet.

Eligible for self-installation.

Can safely hold up to 750 lbs for single-tier, and 500 lbs for a second-tier.

Perfect when paired with our Slab Trays and rockwool slabs.